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Villa L1 sits close to the coastline of Agii Apostoli. It is a sample of contemporary architecture and sustainability.

The villa is placed parallel to the liquid element, which wraps around the front facade. Thus, with the use of large glass surfaces on the three sides, a visual relationship of the liquid element, the common areas and the external spaces is achieved.

The visitor is invited to experience the transparency of the building, as well as the theatricality of the ground floor spaces throughout the day. At sunrise and until midday, the lounge area and the dining room are bathed in light and the pool’s wet element is reflected on the glass surfaces. From afternoon to sunset, the ground floor areas as well as the bedrooms are dressed in shades of orange and purple.

From then on, the visitor will experience the aspects of a transparent- illuminated building, which is delivered to the absolute transparency and every boundary with the inside and the outside is disturbed. By opening the large sliding window elements, the living room extends spatially outwards, where there is an outdoor dining area and the garden.

The materiality of the building is determined by a composition of white tones, Egyptian and Greek marbles and granite floors. The result is a long-lasting luxury texture and the user can visually explore every aspect of the architectural integrity of the villa.

The building has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with showers. On the ground floor the visitor will come across an easily accessible bedroom with two single beds and a common bathroom.It is possible to accommodate up to 10 guests and 1-2 infants with the addition of sofa beds in a space chosen by the visitor.

On the first floor the visitor will find the master bedroom with a double bed and an en-suite bathroom with shower. The room extends into a small living area with a glass floor just above the pool.

Next to the master bedroom are two more bedrooms with double beds and a common bathroom with shower.
The last bedroom has a private balcony overlooking the Agii Apostoli Park.

All the rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art televisions and fast Wi-Fi, in order to make the holiday possible to combine the sustainable environment by the sea, with rest and work. The living area is equipped with 55” 4K HDR satellite TV with a Netflix subscription.

The villa features a fully equipped kitchen with oven and microwave as well as all the accessories needed to make a full meal. On the ground floor there is a washer-dryer.


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